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For a free consultation or any questions, please send me an email directly or fill out the form here and I will contact you with a price.

You have put your heart and soul into your manuscript, don't let grammar, spelling and punctuation hold it back from its full potential. You have read it over a thousand times but an objective and professional editor can still help perfect your writing with suggestions regarding things like flow, consistency, and clarity. I can do all these things and still allow your voice to shine.

Very few authors are successful without the assistance of a good copyeditor. Spelling and grammar checkers in your software are no substitute. When you read your own work, your eyes skip over things because you are so familiar with the words you wrote. Having a fresh pair of eyes checking it over is invaluable. 

Even if you have your aunt or friend who is an English teacher proofread your manuscript, it is a good idea to have it professionally edited. Often someone close to you feels reluctant to be critical, or you may be less inclined to take their non-professional advice.

Readers expect proper writing that has been professionally edited. If they catch grammatical errors that you missed, all of your hard work presenting your information or story becomes degraded. Those mistakes in organization, clarity or sentence structure trip the reader up and distracts him from your message.

I can help to improve not only grammar, punctuation and spelling, but the overall formatting, style and accuracy of your writing. Whether you need minimal proofreading or intensive copyediting, you can count on me to do a professional job. I will return the work to you in Microsoft Word with tracked changes so that you may accept or reject each suggestion. I can help polish your work to a publishable standard.

Michelle's attention to detail makes her a perfect copyeditor. I have hired her more than once now for editing as well as design services that my company fulfills for it's clients.

 Jennifer Fitzgerald, Mother Spider Publishing