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Keynote Classics

Providing the keys to understanding time-honored literature and inspiring new interpretations.

Each Keynote Classics™ book includes the unabridged original text and more. They also present historical and literary context with guidance so readers can get more enjoyment from the text and understand, discuss, or write more confidently about classic literature.

Traditional classic books from mainstream publishers often begin with introductions that offer literary analysis by notable scholars. These are informative, but they give away the story and eliminate readers' ability to do their own interpretations without preconceived notions from the experts. Readers have a choice between these spoilers and/or those found online or diving right into the book with no context or clues to help them understand these often challenging books.

Keynote Classics offer a better approach.

Each book begins with an Introductory Key that lays the groundwork with carefully researched historical information and background about the author's life. This helps readers put the book into its time and place in the literary canon. Literary movements and narrative devices are also introduced, helping readers to discover deeper meaning within the text. These study guides don't give away the plot or do the analysis. They enhance comprehension and enjoyment by suggesting things to watch for and pay attention to so readers can formulate their own interpretation.

  • Keynote Classics™ include short Introductory Keys in simple language that provides context and concepts to think about before reading.
  • Unlike other literature study guides, our books do not provide analysis by specifically telling readers what the themes, symbolism, plots, etc. are. They include an Introductory Key that introduces the work with hints about what to look for and pay attention to so readers can come to their own personal understanding and analysis.
  • Footnotes are included throughout the book to clarify outdated words or references.
  • Questions are presented at the end to guide discussion for classes or book clubs or spark ideas for writing essays or analysis papers about the work.
  • Teachers recommend that students read actively and draw on prior knowledge and experience to get the most from their reading. Keynote Classics™ have wider margins for recording thoughts, interpretations, and connections while reading. They also include several blank pages for notes.
  • Available in Paperback or Ebook.
Commitment to Sustainability

MMW Books, the publisher of Keynote Classics, is concerned about the impact of book printing on the environment. The industry uses a tremendous amount of water and wood pulp in the manufacture of books, but forests are critically needed to sequester carbon, regulate global temperatures, anchor soil, act as flood barriers, and support biodiversity. All Keynote Classics books are individually printed as they are ordered, ensuring that overruns or large numbers of bookstore returns are not printed and ultimately destroyed. The print-on-demand process also uses more eco-friendly dry inks, which produce less waste and pollution than toxic wet inks and solutions used by most mass-run publishers. MMW Books is also committed to giving a portion of profits to organizations like Eden Reforestation Projects that work to plant, protect, and restore this crucial resource.

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