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Providing the keys to understanding time-honored literature and inspiring new interpretations.

Traditional classic books from mainstream publishers often begin with introductions that offer literary analysis of the work by notable scholars. These are often very informative and helpful, but eliminate the ability of the reader to come to their own interpretations without bias from the experts. The reader has a choice between reading these spoilers and those found on the internet or diving right into the book with no context or clues to help them understand it.

Keynote Classics™ are different. The Introductory Key lays the groundwork with carefully researched historical context and background about the author's life that helps readers put the book into its time and place in the literary canon. It doesn't give away the story or do the analysis for the reader, but suggests things to watch for and pay attention to so readers can recognize literary devices and formulate their own interpretation.

Keynote Classics™ provide context and help readers to engage with the text and guide them to get more from their reading experience and remember, discuss, or write more confidently about classic literature.

Short Introductory Key in simple language introduces readers to the work and provides context and concepts to think about before reading.

Unlike other literature study guides, Keynote Classics™ do not provide the analysis by specifically telling readers what the themes, symbolism, plots, etc. are. These Introductory Keys introduce the work with hints about what to look for and pay attention to so readers can come to their own personal understanding and analysis.

Teachers recommend that students read actively, and draw on prior knowledge and experience to get the most from their reading. Keynote Classics™ have wider margins for recording thoughts, interpretations, and connections while reading.

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